SSR GTV01 5x114 Glare Silver - 18x9.5 +35

Size: 18x9.5
Offset: 35mm
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Sale price$441.00


Here, you are looking at the SSR GTV01. The GTV01 offers an aggressive thick 5-spoke design that is timeless and will provide your vehicle with a pronounced look that is modern, clean, and aggressive.
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Flow forming technology
1-Piece construction
Glare silver finish
5X114.3 Bolt pattern

Also Available in the following sizes:

T417700-4205GGL 17x7 +42
T417700-5005GGL 17x7 +50
T418750-5305GGL 18x7.5 +53
T418800-3505GGL 18x8 +35
T418850-4005GGL 18x8.5 +40
T418900-3505GGL 18x9 +35
T418950-2205GGL 18x9.5 +22
T418950-4505GGL 18x9.5 +45
T419850-3805GGL 18x9.5 +38
T419950-3505GGL 19x9.5 +35
T418105-1505GGL 18x10.5 +15

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