SPEC Stage 3 Clutch for RB20/RB25 - Nissan Skyline

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SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit for Nissan RB20 / RB25 increases the clamping force of the pressure plate and uses a carbon or ceramic friction surface on the disc to hold more power, while delivering close to the same street performance as a full-face, organic disc. Using a 6 puck SPRUNG hub clutch disc, the clutch is designed to hold up to 515 ft/lbs or torque, offering what many Nissan tuners consider to be the ultimate street clutch upgrade for RB20/RB25 models.

Everything in One Kit

Redefining performance by increasing power and responsiveness from driving shaft to drive shaft quickly separates one car from another as they zoom up the road. The SPEC Stage 3 Clutch for RB20/RB25 is an all-inclusive clutch kit that comes with a high clamp pressure plate, a throw out bearing, and a clutch alignment tool that offers everything you need to complete the upgrade and put more distance between your vehicle and the pack that lags behind.

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If a clutch upgrade is on tap for your Nissan RB20 / RB25, get everything you need in this all-in-one package. If your car has a factory, dual mass flywheel, just be sure to call us, and confirm clutch and flywheel fitment before you order. This SPEC Stage 3 Clutch kit comes with the parts and performance quality for a best-in-class Nissan clutch upgrade. Get yours today.

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