PLM Power Driven B-Series Downpipe For RAMHORN TURBO MANIFOLD B16 B18 B20 Honda Civic / Acura Intergra

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PLM (Private Label Mfg.) Power Driven B-Series downpipe is made for B-series RAMHORN A/C & P/S compatible turbo manifold.

This is a 3-inch downpipe that comes with a flex pipe. The downpipe is designed with a V-band connection and comes with a V-band Clamp for the Turbo Outlet.

The downpipe comes with 2 o2 bungs for wideband usage.

HONDA CIVIC 1988 - 2000
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 - 2001

** This downpipe only fits our B-series RAMHORN A/C & P/S compatible turbo manifold.

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