Planted Technology Planted Seat Hardware Kit

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Planted Seat Hardware Kit includes 8 each of button head cap screws in 8mm x 1.25 thread pitch & 20mm in length, washers & nyloc nuts. This hardware kit will allow you to mount an aftermarket seat in the following configurations:


Bottom Mount Seat:

  1. A) Seat to sliders and sliders to Planted Seat Bracket.
  2. B) Seat directly to Planted Seat Bracket.*


Side Mount Seat:**

  1. A) Side Mounts to Sliders and sliders to Planted Seat Bracket.
  2. B) Side Mounts directly to Planted Seat Bracket.*


*Direct mounting without sliders will require some drilling.


**Most sidemount seats do not include hardware to attach the side mounts so a Planted SIde Mount Hardware Kit may be needed as well.


BRAND:Planted Technology



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