AEM Speed Density - Ultimate Tuner Package

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When "Boosting" a car that was originally naturally aspirated, or even leaving the stone age of MAF tuning, it is important to make sure you have the correct tools and parts needed to go along with your engine management system.

We have packaged together all of the sensors and gauges you will need to go along with you new stand alone ECU.

Don't have a stand alone yet? No worries, We offer Link, AEM and Haltech!

What is included:

  • AEM UEGO Wideband AFR Gauge
  • AEM IAT Sensor 
  • AEM 3.5 Bar MAP sensor
  • AEM 3-port Boost control solenoid 
  • AEM Xseries Boost Gauge
  • Sokudo Performance Instructions Guide
  • Sokudo Performance Sticker


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